Netflix (NFLX) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript Jan 19 2023


Netflix, the streaming giant, reported its fourth quarter earnings for 2022, during which it announced that it had reached 208 million subscribers worldwide. The company’s revenue for the quarter was $6.64 billion, with an operating income of $1.25 billion. For the full year 2022, the company reported revenue of $25 billion and an operating income of $4.5 billion.

During the earnings call, the company’s leadership discussed their plans for the future, including their focus on expanding their advertising business and implementing a paid account sharing feature. Netflix plans to roll out the paid account sharing feature later in the first quarter of 2023, with the goal of encouraging casual account sharers to convert to paying subscribers. They expect this move to result in some initial churn, but ultimately lead to an increase in both new subscribers and revenue from extra members.

The company also discussed their focus on live events and the success of their limited release of the film Glass Onion. They emphasized that their main focus is on creating content for their subscribers to watch on the platform, and that their strategy for film releases is to drive excitement and engagement around the content.

In terms of capital allocation, Netflix stated that their priority is to reinvest in the core business and make selective acquisitions. If they have cash in excess of their minimum cash levels, they will return it to shareholders through a share buyback program.

For the upcoming year, 2023, Netflix is guiding for operating margins between 18% and 20% and a target of at least $3 billion in free cash flow. They are optimistic about their ability to accelerate revenue growth through scaling their advertising platform and the launch of paid account sharing. They also highlighted their confidence in their content slate and their commitment to managing their cost structure.


  • Netflix reported strong financial results for Q4 2022, with revenue of $8.2 billion and global paid net subscriber additions of 8.5 million
  • The company cited the success of their original content, such as Bridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit, as a major driver of subscriber growth
  • They also announced plans to introduce a new feature called “paid sharing” to allow users to share their account with others for a small fee
  • Additionally, the company is expanding their advertising offerings and plans to roll out the feature in select markets later this quarter
  • They also plan to launch new live events such as SAG Awards to drive engagement and excitement among its members.
  • The company also sees a high confidence in their ability to accelerate revenue throughout the year as they scale ads and launch paid sharing and also improve the service and the strength of their content slate.
  • They also have a focus on expanding their absolute profit and profit margin, and growing positive free cash flow.
  • Netflix announced that it expects to generate over $3 billion in free cash flow in the year.


  • Increased competition in the streaming industry
  • Potential issues with password sharing and converting borrowers to paying accounts
  • Uncertainty in macroeconomic conditions and global events
  • Balancing investment in live events and potential for advertising revenue
  • Potential challenges in expanding into sports and other expensive content offerings
  • Managing costs while continuing to invest in content and technology to drive growth


  • Netflix plans to continue investing in original content to attract and retain subscribers
  • The company is also focusing on expanding its advertising platform to increase revenue
  • In the short-term, there may be less visibility due to the early stages of scaling the ad platform and rolling out paid sharing
  • However, Netflix expects to see accelerated revenue growth and improved profit margins in the future
  • The company also projects positive free cash flow in the year, with at least $3 billion generated.
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